Community fights to save Alzheimer’s care home

Now we are starting to see nursing homes and assisted living facilities struggle to pay their bills.  Many are being forced to sell to larger investment companies or just going out of business.  This is only the beginning, there was a great article published by the Honolulu Advertiser today.  I think this will be our next crisis to deal with.  Hospitals are being bailed out while LTCFs are being left behind.

Staffing assistance is going to acute care as the nursing home staff are being forced to work 16-20 hour shifts because there is no one to work.  Is safety suffering??

Some LTCFs do not have the ventilation systems to prevent the spread of COVID-19 once it gets into their buildings and they are not getting funding for air-scrubbers or money for updating ventilation systems.  Schools and hospitals seem take priority over our elders.

The big question is when a nursing home or assisted living have to empty their building because they are closing where will the elderly go? It’s not like there is a lot of open beds.  Some will need to be related hours away from family.  These problems should have been addressed in the last three year.  We Can Be Better than this.

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