Latest News Regarding H1N1

The U.S. has ordered 27.3 million more doses of  H1N1 Vaccine from Sanofi Pasteur, this brings the total government order of Sanofi vaccine to 75.3 million doses.  Sanofi said today that they will begin delivering pandemic H1N1 flu vaccine to the US by mid October.

Margaret Chan, director of WHO say that the overall clinical picutre of the pandemic H1N1 virus is reassuring, but health officials are concerned that a small group of paitents could  rapidly become severely ill.  These patients could overwhelm the intensive care units as the flu spreads.  She said the secon wave of the pandemic appears to be beginning.

The earliest results from testing of a pandemic H1N1 vaccine in children suggest that older children will get a good immune response with a single dose, but children younger than 10 may need two doses a few weeks apart.

More than 80% of workers feel pressure to come to work when sick, and 69% have received little direction from employers on pandemic H1N1, according to a survery released today.  The poll of 1,028 employees by Mansfield Communications found that 84% of workers believe the recession creates more pressure to show up to work sick.  Mansfield’s Rob Ireland said that employers need to communicate clearly about extended sick-leave policies and how to minimize disease spread.