Infection Control for in Home Care Program


50 minute narrated presentation for infection prevention in the home care setting.

This 50 minute narrated PowerPoint presentation for infection prevention in Home Care covers the following information to assist you in being in compliance with regulatory agencies:

  • A review of the Chain of infection – Infectious Agent, Reservoir of Agent, Portal of Exit, Portal of Entry, and the Susceptible Host
  • A review of the modes of Transmission – Contact, Airborne, Vehicle, Vector
  • How to reduce the risk of infection
  • Basic Infection Prevention Practices
  • Assessing the client and home environment
  • Wound care – clean vs sterile technique
  • Urinary Tract Care
  • Home infusion therapy
  • Use of PPE and compliance with the OSHA regulations
  • Managing Clients with Multi-drug Resistant Organisms
  • Surveillance of Home Care acquired infections – Infection Definitions for Home Care
  • Steps to follow during an outbreak investigation
  • Occupational Health – work restrictions
  • Post exposure evaluation and follow-up
  • IP orientation Program
  • Annual education for bloodborne Pathogens