CDC Continues Tips From Former Smokers Campaign

The 2013 Tips From Former Smokers campaign is a continuation of last year’s very successful campaign. It was developed to share stories from real people about the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke.

Did You Know Your Pre-teen Needs Vaccinations Too

As children enter their pre-teen years, their world becomes an exciting place of new experiences and newfound freedoms. But adults know that adolescence also brings new risks and potential dangers, and parents can’t be there every minute.

Turtles and other reptiles are risky pets

Turtles are colorful and cute and are often kept as pets. However, many people don’t know that turtles and other reptiles like snakes and lizards can carry harmful germs that can make people very sick.

Healthy Vision: Take care of your eyes!

It’s important to take care of your eyes. Poor vision makes it harder to read, drive, and cook. The good news: Many eye problems and diseases can be treated if caught early. To make sure you keep seeing clearly, get a comprehensive dilated eye exam.

Simple Steps to Reduce Fall Risks

Every year, one in three adults over age 64 falls. Thousands of older adults die from fall injuries every year and about two million are treated for nonfatal fall injuries in emergency departments. But simple home modifications and exercises that impro…

What You Don′t Know About Sickle Cell Disease

Learning the Truth about One of the Most Common Genetic Diseases
Sickle cell disease one of the most common genetic diseases in the United States. It is estimated that more than 70,000 people have sickle cell disease and more than two million p…

Obesity is Common, Serious, and Costly

Ever cringe when you step on the scale? Now, think of the entire country stepping on that scale. Imagine the Weight of the Nation. Obesity is a common, serious, and costly health problem, and CDC is working to control and prevent it.

CDC: Decades of saving lives and protecting people

For more than six decades, CDC has guarded people against infectious and noninfectious diseases, responded to dangers caused by injuries, workplace hazards, disabilities and environmental health threats, thereby increasing opportunities for longer, mor…