VESTEX Scrubs, T-shirts and Jackets to protect you from fluid, bacteria, and viruses.

Don’t risk taking body fluids, bacteria or viruses home anymore.   VESTEX is the company to go to.  They are approved by the FDA and work the way advertise.  They are worth every penny.

Tried, Tested and Loved.

The global VESTEX® brand franchise has been in development for over a decade. For thousands of consumers around the world, across a range of market categories and products, VESTEX® means assurance of protection, safety, comfort, durability and innovation and has been endorsed by the American Hospital Association, recommended by the National Science Foundation and selected as a “Best Infection Prevention Product” by Newsweek Magazine.

  • The ability of VESTEX® to reduce the retention of MRSA on the fabric surface has not been shown to correlate with the reduction of infections.
  • Clinical studies to evaluate reduction of infection have not been performed for this device.
  • VESTEX® Apparel is not intended to replace personal protective equipment.
  • VESTEX® does not replace PPE worn for specific use and during episodes of expected blood, body fluid and other potentially infectious material (OPIM) exposure.

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