Infection Control Manual for Home Care/Hospice


Infection Control Manual for in home care and hospice is designed to help you develop policies and procedures to create a sustainable and effective infection prevention program in your healthcare facility.  The manual addresses all of the major issues that every program must address but you are encouraged to customize its contents to suit your agencies specific needs.

Major Topics Included:

Getting your infection prevention program started

Orienting your new hires and volunteers

Understanding isolation practices: hand hygiene, cough etiquette, and the three categories of transmission-based precautions

Creating a bloodborne pathogen exposure control plan that complies with OSHA regulations

Developing a suitable tuberculosis control plan for your agency

Formulating an annual employee health review program

Reacting to an outbreak: Identifying and investigating the causes

Addressing bioterrorism: how to prepare for and respond to an anthrax threat or influenza pandemic


Chapter 1: Infection Prevention

Chapter 2: New Hire Orientation

Chapter 3: Isolation Practices

Chapter 4: Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control

Chapter 5: Tuberculosis Control Plan

Chapter 6: Client Care Practices

Chapter 7: Waste Management

Chapter 8: Employee Health

Chapter 9: Outbreak Investigations

Chapter 10: Emergency Preparedness